'Just Hit It' Wrench Chip Card Vinyl Wrap - 2 Skins

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3.45" x 2.25"

Sometimes, a wrench isn't just for tightening; it's for those "Just Hit It" moments. ARC Empire gets this. That's why we've created the 'Just Hit It' Wrench Chip Card Vinyl Wrap. It's a nod to everyone who's ever used a wrench as a hammer, a salute to the resourcefulness of the hardworking folk.

This wrap features a clever, wrench-inspired take on a classic slogan, turning your ordinary debit card into a symbol of practical ingenuity. Made with our rugged, grey, solvent-based polyacrylate – the same material used for durable vehicle wraps – this skin is as tough as the tools you use.

Gloss laminated for maximum protection, this wrap ensures your card survives the daily bangs and scrapes just like your trusty wrench. And with RapidAir® technology, applying this skin is a smooth operation, leaving no bubbles or wrinkles behind, just like your work.

The 'Just Hit It' Wrench Chip Card Vinyl Wrap isn't just a cover; it's a tribute to the can-do attitude, a bit of humor for your wallet. It's for those who find solutions, no matter the tool at hand.