About Us

Hello there! We're Jamie and Tara - just two regular folks behind the scenes at Arc Empire.

During the day, we're right there with you. Jamie spends his days as a b-pressure welder, getting his hands dirty and working hard. I, Tara, keep busy with my role in marketing in the oil and gas industry.

After we clock out from our 9-5s, we put our hearts into Arc Empire. We love putting together designs that reflect the humor and the grind that comes with our day jobs. Jamie's first-hand welding experience shapes our stickers, while I use my understanding of what people want from my day job to make sure our designs hit the mark.

We aren't in this to sell dreams or empty promises - we're all about giving you solid, quality stuff. We create things that feel real, things that are rugged, things that speak to your everyday life. We're proud to be part of the welding community, and we hope our stickers resonate with you.

So, that's us in a nutshell. We're Jamie and Tara, juggling our day jobs with our passion project - Arc Empire. We're glad you're here, and we hope our products add a little extra to your day.

Thanks for stopping by,

Jamie & Tara