'Please Stop Complaining' Chip Card Vinyl Wrap - 2 Skins

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3.45" x 2.25"

Tired of the endless moaning and groaning? Show it with ARC Empire's 'Please Stop Complaining' Chip Card Vinyl Wrap. This isn't just a skin for your card; it's a bold statement for the straight shooters who believe in action, not just words.

Crafted with the same tough, grey, solvent-based polyacrylate used in heavy-duty vehicle wraps, this skin is as enduring as your patience. It's gloss laminated to resist the daily grind, keeping your card looking fresh and your message clear.

Application is a no-brainer. Thanks to RapidAir® technology, you'll get a sleek, bubble-free finish without any fuss. It's practical too, designed to keep your card's tap functionality at its best.

The 'Please Stop Complaining' Chip Card Vinyl Wrap from ARC Empire is for those who value resilience and a no-complaints attitude. It's a reminder, right in your wallet, that actions speak louder than words.