'I Declare Bankruptcy' Chip Card Vinyl Wrap - 2 Skins

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3.45" x 2.25"

Ever felt like just shouting "I Declare Bankruptcy" and calling it a day? We get it. That's why ARC Empire's rolled out the 'I Declare Bankruptcy' Chip Card Vinyl Wrap. It's a playful nod to those office moments when you wish things were just that simple. Featuring an image of a man in an office, this wrap isn't just funny; it's a conversation piece.

Crafted with our premium, grey, solvent-based polyacrylate – yep, the same stuff used in rugged vehicle wraps – this skin is built to last. It's not just about making you laugh; it's about keeping your card safe and sound. The gloss laminated finish ensures maximum protection against daily wear and tear, keeping your card and its humor intact.

Applying this skin is as easy as declaring bankruptcy in that guy's world. RapidAir® technology means a smooth, bubble-free application every time, and the wrap is designed to not interfere with your card's tap functionality.

The 'I Declare Bankruptcy' Chip Card Vinyl Wrap from ARC Empire is more than a durable cover; it's a bit of daily humor for your wallet. It's perfect for anyone who appreciates a good laugh along with their financial savvy.