Skins'Hard Work Over Handouts' Chip Card Vinyl Wrap - 2 Skins

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3.45" x 2.25"

Wrap your credit and debit card in ARC Empire's Chip Card Vinyl Wrap – it's like giving it a hard hat and a touch of swagger.

ARC Empire's 'Hard Work Over Handouts' skin turns your everyday chip card into a testament to your relentless determination.

This isn't your average wrap. Made with tough, grey, solvent-based polyacrylate, the same stuff used on rugged vehicle and boat wraps, it's built to last. Gloss laminated for top-notch protection against wear and tear, your card's design stays sharp, just like your work ethic.

Easy to apply with RapidAir® technology, this wrap ensures a bubble-free, sleek finish. It's not only about looks but also functionality, supporting tap-and-go for quick, effortless transactions.

The 'Hard Work Over Handouts' Chip Card Vinyl Wrap from ARC Empire is more than an accessory. It's a daily reminder of what you stand for, a symbol of strength and perseverance in your wallet.