FAT CAT Parody Sticker | A Witty Nod to Industrial Icons

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3.75" x 1.75"

For the hard-hats and the hands that aren't afraid to get dirty, the FAT CAT Parody sticker was forged in the furnace of humor and resilience. With a tip o' the cap to the mighty Caterpillar brand, this design sports a robust, curved yellow symbol that's as stout-hearted as the men and women of our trade. Slapped together from the hard-as-nails Oracal 3651 vinyl and armored up with a rugged 210 laminate, this sticker ain't here to play nice. Slap it onto your rig, toolbox, or that locker that's seen better days – and let ‘em know you've got grit, brawn, and a sense of humor to boot.