In Lieu of a Raise Pizza Co. Sticker | For the "Extra Cheese" You Never Got

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3" x 3"

Ever feel like the world offers you pizza when you're expecting a paycheck raise? We've been there. Presenting the "In Lieu of a Raise" Pizza Co. sticker – a tongue-in-cheek salute to every time you were promised extra toppings on life's pizza but got just the crust. Molded with a playful wink at the corporate culture, it's not just any ordinary sticker.

Sure, they didn't give you that raise, but this sticker? It's crafted from the hardy Oracal 3651 vinyl, promising to stick around longer than your boss's empty promises. Topped off with a 210 laminate, think of it as the extra layer of cheese safeguarding it from life's messy splatters.

Pop it on your laptop, the breakroom fridge, or slap it onto your coffee mug – wherever it goes, it's sure to serve a slice of humor with a side of reality check. After all, in the pizza of life, you deserve the biggest slice and the last laugh.