Custom Made Order - Puddle Dragger - Killing the Competition

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(150 Quantity )  3" x 2" Digital Print Sticker w/ gloss laminate
Designed to Customer's Specifications
Uniquely Yours, Unmistakably Arc Empire: Dive into the world of custom-designed stickers tailored for the true blue-collar spirit. Our meticulous process starts with premium Oracal 3651 vinyl, ensuring sharp graphics and vibrant colors. Shielded with a tough 210 laminate, we guarantee protection against daily wear and the harshest elements. But this is more than just its build — it's a statement, a story — your story. Perfectly adhering to surfaces like cars, toolboxes, or lockers, it not only reflects your individuality but also stands the test of time. With Arc Empire's craftsmanship, we ensure your narrative stays bold, bright, and enduring. Let's create a sticker that truly sticks, in memory and on materials!