"Bored Ape Welder" Parody Sticker

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3" x 2.9"

Arc Empire jumps into the crypto art world with our "Bored Ape Welder" sticker, a playful parody of the famous Bored Ape NFT series, with a blue-collar twist. This design features the iconic ape donning a welding mask, symbolizing the fusion of cutting-edge digital trends and the timeless craft of welding. It's a humorous and relevant nod to the NFT craze, tailored for those who appreciate both the digital art realm and the gritty reality of welding work. Made with durable Oracal 3651 vinyl and a strong 210 laminate, this sticker is as resilient and dependable as the welders it represents. Stick it on your gear or workspace for a touch of modern humor and blue-collar pride.