Card Vinyl Wraps

ARC Empire's Chip Card Vinyl Wrap: Toughen Up Your Card with Style

Give your bank or credit card a badass upgrade with ARC Empire's Chip Card Vinyl Wrap. This isn't just some fancy sticker; it's a beast. Crafted with the same kick-ass, grey, solvent-based polyacrylate used in hardcore vehicle and boat wraps, this skin is all about durability that lasts.

Repositionable and easy to peel off with a bit of heat, this wrap is as convenient as it is cool. And with its gloss laminated finish, it's like a shield against ink wear and tear, keeping your card looking sharp.

Installation's a damn breeze, thanks to RapidAir® technology. No pesky air bubbles, just a smooth, sleek look. And it's built for tap functionality, so you can make a statement every time you pay.

Wrap your card in ARC Empire's Chip Card Vinyl Wrap – it's like giving it a hard hat and a touch of swagger.